Khaligraph Jones was once, believe it or not, a Gospel Artist

If you have heard the hit songs ‘Mazishi’ and ‘Yego’ you must have been impressed by the heavy bars and rhythmic flow in the catchy rap tunes. If you have been living under a rock, the above mentioned songs are masterpieces belonging to one of the biggest rappers in Kenya and probably the entire east African region Khaligraph Jones. He came to the lime light after winning the Kenyan edition of Channel O Emcee Africa.To many, Khaligraph comes off as a bit high handed with others terming his accent as fabricated.

Born Brian Ouko Robert, Khaligraph grew up in Kayole where he says life was not easy. He says he used the tough upbringing as motivation to get out of the harsh environment and give his future kids a better life.

There is however one very surprising fact about Khaligraph Jones that his fans might not know. He started off as a gospel musician. He says during the early stages of his career, Gospel music was the trending flow and he ended up being influenced into the hype. However, not wanting to mislead his fans and following the footsteps of Kenya’s hype master DNG, he quit the scene. He says he did not want to be a part of the species that preach water and drink wine. He added that gospel should not be solely about money but should come from the heart. When asked about his career in the secular scene, Baba Yao as he is sometimes referred to, confidently said that he is happy with where he is.