Ejected Senate Deputy Speaker Kithure Kindiki was accused of going against Jubilee Party ideals and his fate was sealed on Friday, May 22 after 54 senators voted to have him removed against 7 who supported him. 

What the Tharaka Nithi senator did not know that he was being served the same consequences he had wished on some other members of his party, according to a video that surfaced online hours after his ouster. 

The 2017 video was shared by professor Makau Mutua and showed Senator Kindiki attacking colleagues who had exhibit defiance to Jubilee.

“A number of people who were elected on jubilee ticket have decided to openly oppose the party. I want to tell them that we have been too accommodating but there is a limit to which that accommodation can go,” the senator had observed. 

He called for the party leadership to stamp its authority and if deemed fit, dewhip the defiant politicians from leadership positions in Parliament. 

“We will crack the whip just like other parties do, you recall last year (2016) when CORD dewhipped some of the leaders who were thought to be supporting Jubilee. They removed them from committees and some were holding very senior positions in Parliament and were relieved of those positions,” the politician referenced. 

He explained that elected representatives chose political parties for a reason going against party ideals called for such consequences to be effected. 

“There is no way you can defy the head of state or his deputy, on whose ticket you were elected on and continue to enjoy the privileges of our political support,” he declared. 

Speaking to ardent Jubilee politician and Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu stated that many leaders find themselves in such positions where their words are used against them due to lack of consistency. 

“The problem is a lack of consistency and foresight. If you are consistent in what you believe in that’s how you avoid thing coming back to bite you. Even if you change your mind, and it’s allowed, you’re able to explain what happens so you don’t get into a situation where can’t explain,” Ngujiri opined. 

Political analyst Martin Andati maintained the same opinion, arguing that Kindiki was now crying foul over a predicament which he had put himself in. 

“ There is no way the party leader can call for a meeting and not attend. That amounts to insubordination,” he explained. 

Quoting the Jubilee Party constitution, which gives the party leader absolute power, Kindiki should have handled himself better since he was key in drafting the party laws.