The Kenya wildlife service is investigating circumstances surrounding the deaths of 7 rhinos.The rhinos are part of a group that were trans-located to the Tsavo east national park.

7 rhinos that are part of a group of 14 that were relocated to the Tsavo East National Park have died with preliminary reports could not pinpoint the exact cause of their deaths.

The rhinos that were trans-located in an exercise overseen by the Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala was earlier intimated at creating a more secure space with suitable habitat for the rhinos.

By the end of 2017, Kenya had a rhino population of 1,258 having grown from less than 400 rhinos in 1980’s with the rise in population is attributed to concerted efforts from the KWS, private landholders, communities,local and international partners.

During the exercise last month, the wildlife service indicated that in order to achieve a meta-population of rhino in the country, translocation is often important from one habitat to another as stocking density management are key biological management components.

Of the 14 Black Rhinos, eight were from Nairobi National Park while six were from Lake Nakuru National Park.

KWS is yet to issue an official statement on the matter after last week’s major publicity it gave to the exercise.