Kenya Wildlife Service has introduced a radio system which will increase surveillance of wildlife in major game parks. The system is capable to cover a wide range of radius compared to the current analogue system

The new system will be a great help to boost tourism in the country. According to the officials, the system is able to transmit data very fast and GPS for tracking services.

In the recent, tourism sector has been affected by poachers in some game reserves. The introduction of the digital tracking system is a major boost to the sector.

According to poaching facts, in the year 2013, Kenya Wildlife Service reported 302 elephants were lost to poaching that year. However elephant populations within KWS-monitored areas were steadily growing and in 2013 had reached 1,940 individuals.

The country is known to have lost 137 elephants and 24 rhinoceros to poachers in 2014. The total elephant population within Kenya is estimated at roughly 38,000 according to the KWS annual report of 2012.

A 700 million project will also help communication services among security personnel and game rangers in Tsavo, Maasai Mara and other parts of north rift game parks.