A section of leaders from the Nyanza region are urging Kenyans to forge forward and focus on development even after the political atmosphere tones down. They had appealed to Kenyans in NASA strongholds to recognize the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As the NASA coalition leaders continue giving hope to their supporters, the issues of dialogue between the two political parties’ top leadership continues.

First time since the 2017 presidential repeat poll. After president Uhuru Kenyatta took an oath of the office the Luo Council of elders led by Nyandiko Ongaji had now come out appealing  to Kenyans  in Nasa strongholds to recognize the re-election of president Uhuru Kenyatta in order to enable the government  continue with its development agenda.

Speaking in Homabay County, the elders urged the government to stop seeing luo community as the opposition adding that it’s high time for Uhuru Kenyatta to unite the country and serve Kenyans equally.

The elders said that NASA coalition was just like jubilee party which has Kenyans nationwide and its supporters should not be ignored by the ruling Jubilee coalition.

The elders pleaded with Uhuru’s government to consider luo professionals while selecting his cabinets and other positions adding that it was high time for the president to show in open what he said during his swearing in that he would not side-line any community in his development agenda.

They had also warned Luo politicians not to politicize any appointment made from Nyanza in Kenyatta’s government adding that it had been routine in the region when someone is seen looking for development from the government of the day is being tagged and branded as a traitor to the Luo community.