Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha Has Ordered Universities To Stop Establishing Satellite Campuses. Magoha Says Mushrooming Of Universities For The Last 10 Years Has Compromised The Level And Quality Of Education In Institutions Of Higher Learning And The Trend Should Stop.

Poor quality instructors, inadequate facilities and equipment have been termed as some of the issues affecting constituent colleges across the country ..

The move, which takes immediate effect to ensure that the quality of education is not compromised.,was confirmed by education Cs Prof George Magoha while opening the regional forum on university education reforms organized by the government and World Bank …

According to Magoha mushrooming of the universities was only creating rot in the education system by generating incompetent graduates and compromising the education quality.

In 2018, the government, through the Ministry of Education and the Commission of University Education (CUE), closed down some 57 campuses after they failed to meet accreditation requirements. Laikipia had six of its campuses closed, while Moi University had four of its campuses closed a move that affected thousands of its students among .

The Education Boss also further noted on the success of the 100 percent transition across the country and regarding to the puzzle of enough infrastructure in schools, magoha called upon private companies to come on board .

So far World bank has deposited a tune of 8.2 million shillings into the school infrastructure project as the minsitry of education looks forward to begin a campaign of the same this week.