Tanzania's President John Magufuli received by President Kenyatta

John Magufuli’s visit to Kenya on Monday sparked various reaction on the two presidents different approach on corruption.Just a single statement by John Pombe Magufuli on corruption during his state visit to Kenya on Monday and economic analysts says it is a silent treatment to the corruption scourge currently facing the country.

Magufuli’s radical way of dealing with corruption opens up criticism for President Kenyatta’s recent admonition in a corruption circus that he has given up in the fight against the vice.

However, analysts are quick to note that Tanzania has never had corruption as a national menace since when it gained its independence.

The methods used to fight corruption are also not the same especially in Kenya where corruption fights back.

On Tanzania overtaking Kenya as the east Africa economic power house analysts feel that Tanzania still has a long way to go bearing in mind that Kenya is ranked as the fifth largest economy in sub Sahara Africa at a lower middle income level.

But interesting to note is that Kenya is currently facing numerous corruption cases that might slow down growth of the Kenya economy.

Magufuli’s two day state visit will see both presidents sign bilateral agreements on financial services, tourism and agriculture.