A songwriter is fed up with the #Migos for allegedly stealing his song he calls “Walk It, Talk It.” According to court documents obtained by @Blast, a man by the name of #LeanderPickett who goes by his stage name of M.O.S alleges he recorded copyrighted his sound “Walk It Like I Talk It” back in 2007. He later copyrighted the song in 2018.

It looks like Leander has filed court documents claiming they stole his song. Apparently, he put his song on a mixtape called #ItsLikeAMovie where he worked with a DJ called #DJFolk who reportedly had ties to Quality Control Music.

In January he reportedly heard Migos’ version of “Walk It Talk It” and instantly knew they allegedly referenced his work. He’s accusing them of never getting permission to use his track and is seeking an injunction against Migos for continuing to profit off of the song.

To make matters worse, he’s even asking the group to turn over all money made from the song. Now y’all know that’s a  wholllleeeee lot of coins! The song has been on what feels like every radio station and even features Drake, arguably the most decorated rapper of our generation.