The Unga menace in Kenya seems to be escalating following revelations that millers have only 12,000 tonnes of subsidised maize imports left in their stores.

This is equivalent to what the country consumes in a day.It is alleged that some millers may be hoarding maize until the import window closes.

Kenyans will still have to witness Unga shortages in shops and supermarkets as millers seem to be running out of maize.

Earlier reports cited that there was congestion at the ports leading to delays in offloading the imported maize.

This comes amid allegations that millers may be hoarding maize causing the shortage and now only 12,000 tonnes of maize are left in the stores.

However, Grain Bulk Handlers operations manager, Michael Mwakamba says that offloading is set to be completed by the 16th of this month.

He added that about 40,000 tonnes of white maize is expected to dock at the ports by the 25th of June.

President Uhuru Kenyatta summoned Agriculture Ministry officials to discuss claims by the general public that the 90/= Unga is not available in retail outlets.

The unga debate is seen as a campaign startegy by both the Jubilee party and NASA alliance, even after Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka prompted supporters not to pay for the GOK unga.

And as most retailers shun from stocking the cheap unga, some who have done so have hiked the price upto 180 shillings.

This has seen some retailers face the law and pay a hefty fine of upto 90,000 shillings.