The first consignment of ballot papers has arrived in the country.the papers for the five elective seats arrived on Tuesday night at the JKIA with top officials receiving the batch.this comes at a time when the commission is still facing legal hurdles in the run up to the high staked august polls

Crunch time is here and the body mandated to conduct the general elections seems to be at crossroads pertaining to election preparedness and now the legal battles that seems to be the major stumbling block for the commission.

The bone of contention lies in the presidential ballot papers that were to be printed by Alghurair but was challenged in court despite the timeliness having lapsed.

This coming at a time when the first consignment of ballot papers from Dubai has arrived in the country for the five elective posts,an issue that has opened a pandoras box among a few public leaders.

The appellant court now holds the fate of the commission on the matter that is to be ruled on Thursday

Three more cases have been filed one that targets the system for electronic identification of voters another on the back up system have been filed against the electoral commission and the last one on the commission immediate publishing of the voters register.

The opposition has also been equivocal on some of these issues

The ruling party Jubilee has also brought In the issue of conflict of interest among the commission whom they say are being partisan
But just like the game of chess, the commission says it is contemplating on the many moves for the polls to be held on the 8TH August as it is cast in stone.