Residents blocked the road following the incident where a lorry knocked down a flock of sheep.

The crash was the second in a span of weeks where animals have been the cause of a major snarl-up on the busy road.

The residents protested and barricaded the highway with rocks and lit bonfires stranding motorists for hours.

They demanded compensation for the loss of the several sheep which were killed.

“We demand Ksh10,000 per sheep and we will not open this road until we are paid in full,” one of the protesters stated.

After the accident, the lorry driver who was driving towards Narok from Nairobi reported to Ntulele Police Station.

On September 25, residents blocked the road protesting the killing of three cows by a lorry which caused a traffic snarl-up stretching more than 10 kilometres.

The incident occurred at Satellite area, with motorists unable to move as the residents had blocked the entire road.

Earlier in the week, four people lost their lives after the vehicle they were travelling in was involved in a grisly road accident along Mai Mahiu-Narok highway.

The accident occurred amid concern over increased cases of road carnage across the country’s roads with the country having recorded dozens of fatalities in recent weeks. 

Source: Kenyans

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