Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri escalated his war with President Uhuru Kenyatta while staunchly defending Deputy President William Ruto, speaking at the funeral of three people reportedly killed by police in Nandi County on Thursday, July 2.

Ngunjiri claimed that Kenyatta was hell-bent on staying in power despite stating several times that he would retire in 2022. The vocal legislator added that the President was benchmarking from China, famous for Communism and had once sent several Jubilee Party members to study the Chinese system of government. 

“They ferried Jubilee members to benchmark in China. What are they studying from China which does not support democracy? They have allowed the Chinese to settle in Kenya with an eye on implementing Communism. 

The MP further claimed that China was out to colonise Kenya by asserting its authority in the country both economically and politically. Ngujiri went on to urge Kenyatta to support Ruto as he had earlier promised.

“They want Kenya to be like China and South Africa where a Chairman of a party has more powers than the President. That is what Uhuru is chasing after. Let him not lie to you that he is contented with the Presidency. He is not and that is the truth,” Ngunjiri proclaimed.

Ngunjiri alleged that Kenyatta was out to clip Ruto’s powers, which the DP vehemently rejected. Ngunjiri alleged that the head of state was pushing Ruto to represent the Kalenjins in government, similar to Odinga with the Luo community and Joho with the Coastal people. Ruto, according to Ngunjiri was focused on uniting and representing Kenya.

“They have surprised the Judiciary, Parliament and Executive. When the Executive speaks you have to listen. They are now targeting Ruto. Let them take his property but not his soul. I speak the truth and I am not afraid of dying. Ruto is safe and he prays for you all,” Ngunjiri stated.

Soy MP and Jubilee Secretary-General Caleb Kositany added that political leaders who travelled to the burial were frustrated as they were denied air clearance and had to travel by road. Kositany, who is facing a looming ouster from Jubilee revealed that Ruto will rally the people to endorse and vote him into State House as opposed to being endorsed by a political leader.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi then dared Kenyatta to fire Ruto allies from Cabinet in the looming Cabinet reshuffle arguing that Kenyatta had betrayed Ruto. 

“I know our enemy and it is Uhuru who lied to us that he will support Ruto. He stated that Mt Kenya would support Ruto and that he and his family would vote for him. That changed down the line and now Mt Kenya will vote for Ruto as opposed to Kenyatta doing so. This country will heal on the day leaders will stop being treacherous,” Sudi declared.