Members of Parliament are now seeking further amendments to the Parliamentary Pension Act to allow them medical benefits under the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) beyond their terms in office.

The clamor emerged on Wednesday when lawmakers in the National Assembly voted in favour of an amendment conferring retired legislators Sh100,000 monthly pension.

Leader of Minority John Mbadi (Gwassi) and his Emuhaya counterpart Omboko Milemba urged their colleagues to vote to retain terms that will see them and their spouses retain a Sh10 million medical scheme for the inpatient cover per family, Sh300,000 for the outpatient cover, Sh150,000 for maternity and Sh75,000 for dental care annually.

Other MPs proposed a similar legislation to cover former councillors, retired teachers and all other public service workers.

The lawmakers were speaking while contributing to amendments proposed by the Pensions Committee which wants to give MPs a choice to elect between gratuity and refund of pension contributions.

The amendment proposes that legislators who have served for a single term will also receive a send-off package equivalent to 31 per cent of their cumulative earnings for the period of the term they served and a refund of their pension contributions without interest.

Those who lost their seats in the August 2017 General Election after serving a single term received a refund of Sh5.9 million each as an exit package in 2019.

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