Embu Deputy Governor Dorothy Nditi who told Speaker Muturi to keep off the county's politics

Embu Deputy Governor Dorothy Nditi has called on National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to keep off the county’s politics. The deputy governor has blamed speaker Muturi for promoting divisive politics in the region.This follows the intensified clan arrangements that have been propagated by the various leaders across the county.

And in a bid to challenge the current strategy at play, deputy governor Nditi has now come out to condemn leaders she believes are behind the division in the County.

The deputy governor has particularly singled out on National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi whom she blames for advancing ethnicity in the County.

Nditi says the speaker recently held a closed door meeting with a number of key figures in the Mbeere community in a bid to influence the choice of who shall be the next governor.

In a pre-2013 election pact the governor’s seat was set aside for Embu while the Senator’s seat was given to Mbeere.

However, a political storm has been stirred in the county following the move by Senator Lenny Kivuti to renege on the pact.

The Senator now wants the Governor’s position and this has created a bad blood between him and Runyenjes MP Cecily Mbarire.