Just days after Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau announced that the Chinese authorities assured they would bring matters of discrimination against Africans in China to a halt, another video of Africans being harassed in China has surfaced on the internet.

In the video, an African woman is seen at a shopping centre trying to access the area but is restricted by the security officers standing at the entrance.

The woman seeks to get answers as to why she cannot be allowed to access the premises but the security officers shake their heads in disapproval.

A woman of white decent weighs in on the matter, also enquiring why the African woman cannot be allowed to shop.

She tries to intervene but the security officers say that she can be allowed to go in but the African cannot.

“I’m sorry,” she says and walks away.

It is a video that has surfaced on the internet, with most Kenyans angered by its contents.

“This is sad. The other day Foreign Affairs PS said nothing of this nature is happening. Might not be a Kenyan, but are our brothers and sisters having it any different?” Njugush, a comedian questioned.

“Racism. What blacks are going through in China,” Citizen TV Director of Strategy and Innovation at Royal Media Services stated.

“Maybe it is time to return home. It is hard to return the favour knowing our people are still in China,” Loulayeumu stated.

The video came days after PS Macharia ruled out any plans to evacuate Kenyans stranded in China.

The PS noted that a number of Kenyans living in China had not registered with the Kenyan embassy, which made tracing impossible.