As plans for the Obama Presidential Center is still underway, Nike announced its partnership with the Obama Foundation to help build an athletic facility, that will sit on center’s campus.

When the doors of the center are officially open, it will be the first to include a public athletic facility, which will be possible thanks to a $5 million donation from the Nike Foundation. Aside from the facility, also on the campus, will be a museum, a forum for public meetings and programming and a library in partnership with the Chicago Public Library

Jorge Casimiro, Nike’s Chief Social & Community Impact Officer and also Nike Foundation President discussed Nike’s commitment to helping build the facility and why bringing an impact matters to the company. He said, “Our belief in the power of sport to transform lives is why we work with organizations like the Obama Foundation — because whether it’s on a global scale or at the grassroots level, we’ve seen what’s possible when sport brings us together.”

Casimiro continued, “Just like with sports, partnering with others helps us up our game. It’s about listening, learning and understanding how we can truly best serve a community. It’s about coming together with common purpose to amplify our collective capacity for impact.”

Casimiro also spoke to People about the project and said, “It’s just really exciting because here you have the Obama Presidential Center that’s really going to amplify and shine a light on this in a way that they did with ‘Let’s Move.’ Another manifestation of it will be at the Obama Presidential Center. It will be the first presidential center that actually has a facility like this — one that’s both athletic and community-focused.”

Back in 2017, Barack Obama held a gathering at the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago as he discussed his vision for the center, which is scheduled to be built in Chicago’s Jackson Park.

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