Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet

The office of the Inspector General of Police has denied allegations that police officers have used extreme force on anti-IEBC demonstrators.

This comes after an outcry from civil societies and Kenyans blaming the police of killing innocent Kenyans during the demonstrations

Since the beginning of the IEBC demonstrations by NASA supporters, police have been accused of using excess force on demonstrators and killing some of them.

According to a statement to newsroom from the IG’s office, police have not killed or used any excess force on demonstrators.

The statement says that between 2nd and 16th of this month, four people were killed as a result of police intervention to stop violent demonstrators.

The people are said to have lost their lives in confrontations between rioters and police officers to restore order.

Ten police officers are said to have been severely injured and seven people arrested. Investigations on the four deaths are underway and the report will be made public.

Recently there have been cases of IEBC officials who are doing preparations for the repeat presidential poll being assaulted in NASA strong holds.

The statement has cautioned Kenyans that.

Section 13 of the election offences Act 2016 states that it is an offence for anyone to destroy or interfere with election materials. If one is found guilty, one will be fined 500,000 or 5 years in jail.

Some NASA supporters have also vowed to disrupt the repeat poll and the statement says.

Under the election offences Act of 2016, it is an offence for one to use force or violence to stop another person from voting.

The anti IEBC demonstrators are said to have let to massive destruction of property and affected the country’s economy.