As an African American woman known for breaking barriers with her own media empire; Oprah Winfrey has not only taken a seat at the table, she created her own table for other WOC creating a positive avenue for our #melaninmagic to shine.

Keeping this truth in mind, there’s no better way to honor the #BlackGirlMagic phenomenon than with her own exhibit at The National Museum Of African American History.

According to the Washington Post, Oprah is reportedly getting her own exhibit in the museum entitled, “Watching Oprah: The Oprah Winfrey Show and American Culture,” which will honor her legacy in journalism, film, and business.

The highlights of the exhibit includes: vintage video clips, interview segments, interview segments, movie costumes, along with her personal photos and journals.

“We’re providing a context for understanding not only who she is, but how she became a global figure, and how she is connected to broader stories and themes,” Co-curator Kathleen Kendrick shared about the exhibit. “In terms of content and narrative and the way the story is told, it’s the museum’s product. The way we approached it was the way we approach all of our exhibitions.”

Oprah is the largest individual benefactor to The National Museum Of African American History. She donated $21 million to the $540 million museum, although her donation did not influence the choice to give her an exhibit, according to Bunch.

If you want to see the legacy that is Oprah, the exhibit opens this Friday (June 8) and runs through June 2019.