West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin

The incessant border conflicts that have rocked parts of Turkana and West Pokot could be a thing of the past following the re-launch of the NYS project in the area, where over 1,200 reformed warriors from West Pokot are set to benefit.

Local leaders present during the re-launch, led by West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin have lauded the government’s efforts to try and restore peace in the conflict prone area through engaging the young people in the various NYS projects.

The governor has at the same time reiterated his government’s commitment to augment the National Government’s effort through ensuring that remote areas within West Pokot also benefit from the revamped NYS project.

Kachapin also gave an assurance that his government will support the national government in weeding out all the rogue officials out to curtail the implementation of the ambitious NYS project.

NYS Deputy Director Zaphania Makoha said they are targeting reformed warriors among other beneficiaries.

The young people are expected to participate in the rehabilitation of various roads in the area among other projects.

The national government has embarked on the NYS re-launch drive in various regions across country.