In the chapters that this account shared, it chronicled an alleged relationship with R.Kelly and the alleged abuse that took place in said relationship! According to Rolling Stone, just 24 hours after the account went live, Patreon was reportedly alerted that the account may be a possible impersonation. Today, Patreon shut the account down after it was unable to authenticate if it really did belong to Joycelyn Savage. “After multiple unsuccessful attempts to verify the identity of the account holder, we closed the Patreon page allegedly associated with Joycelyn Savage due to potential impersonation,” a rep for the site said in a statement to Rolling Stone.

If you spent your money on the alleged tea, no worries seems you’ll be getting it back! “All patrons who signed up for the membership page were refunded and the creator did not receive any funds.”

Needless to say there are still many, MANY questions about what we read and at this point the validity of the allegations. Regardless, the legal team for Joycelyn’s parents gave a statement: “The recent statement from Patreon underscores the family concern for the safety of their daughter Joycelyn.” They also added: “Numerous allegations made by the account were alarming and confirmed details from our independent investigation, [though] we also unsuccessfully reached out to the account. With the potential dangers facing Joycelyn and her safety, we are asking for law enforcement to get involved in determining where Joycelyn is and whom is really behind the account that detailed potential crimes.”

This whole situation has been a spectacle from the very beginning Roommates, now that this account is deleted, what are your thoughts? let us know!

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