Boda Boda operators in Malindi took matters into their own hands and stoned police officers over an alleged case of corruption. 

The clip that surfaced online on Tuesday, April 14, showed a boda boda operator wrestling two police officers who were beating him.

The three fall down after which one police officer as continues to beat the rider but he manages to free himself before pelting stones at the officers.

The other boda boda operators stand on the side during the melee cheering on with one of them saying, “Charaza kabisa” (beat him properly).

The two police officers scamper for safety in a nearby parked Probox when a man who appears to have been arrested storms out from the back seat.

The crowd chant “Ua, ua,” (Kill, kill) as the rider continues to throw stones at the car, the police officers hastily drive away from the scene after the man escapes.

The man in the video continues to hurl stones towards the car as the whole crowd joins him in trying to chase the police.

Mombasa Deputy Central Intelligence Officer (DCIO) Anthony Murithi, confirmed the incident, “I’ve just received a call from my boss asking for details about the incident. I’m following up on the issue.”

The boda boda operator who was in the car is seen hopping on to his motorcycle before riding away and fleeing the scene.

Recently there have been cases of boda boda operators turning against police officers who ask for brides in the Coast region.

On Monday, April 13, a video also surfaced online that was reportedly shot in Magarini (an electoral constituency in Kilifi County).

The two boda boda operators ferrying charcoal gang up and try to rough up the police officer who swiftly pulls out his gun.

The footage drew the attention of Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Hilary Mutyambai and Deputy President William Ruto who deleted the video afterwards.