A police officer on Sunday, May 24 got Kenyans talking after appealing to the public in Nakuru to stop using derogatory remarks such as ‘D Minus (D-) Material’ to describe officers.

The officer lamented that it was frustrating for police officers to be insulted as academic failures, with a common myth being that officers are selected from among those who register poor grades in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

The officer spoke during an event where two NGO’s symbolically served them tea and snacks as an appreciation for their work, with the officer promising to foster better relations between the service and the community.

“We are on the front-line, we are risking our families, but it’s our job and we’re not complaining. That is why you see us laughing a lot.

“So, to those people who call us D minus, you should know that there are a lot of well-educated people within the police service. We actually looked for these jobs.

“People should stop calling us all these insulting names that don’t help anyone. When you see us, you should see us as your brothers and sisters,” he stated.

The officer thanked the residents profusely for their gesture of appreciation by delivering the snacks to officers in Nakuru. 

Sam Mwaura, one of those involved in the initiative, revealed that they had been bringing the officers snacks every Saturday to encourage them as they went about their work.

“We thought it wise to remember our brothers and sisters in the police. We started this and we’ve been doing this for the past few weeks now.

“We bring them tea and snacks every Saturday to keep them warm, but also to encourage them. We are trying to encourage them so that people know that they are our brothers and they are doing a really good job to protect us and our businesses,” Mwaura stated.

During the Covid-19 period, police officers have been at the forefront of enforcing government directives on measures meant to curb the spread of the virus.

They have been active in manning roadblocks to enforce partial lockdowns, enforcing the curfew and cracking down on compliance of other rules such as wearing face masks.

The police service has, however, faced criticism over accusations of brutality and extortion in the enforcement of the government directives.