Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader Raila Odinga has pleaded with Kenyans to adhere to stipulated Covid-19 government directives in his Madaraka Day speech.

In a video posted on his social media pages on June 1, Odinga reiterated that each Kenyan had a responsibility to protect each other in the wake of the pandemic.

“I salute our citizens who have taken personal responsibility in following govt guidelines in the battle against Coronavirus.

“I wish to urge the few Kenyans who have refused to listen to the advice by the government, who still overcrowd and do not wash their hands and sanitise. You are doing a great disservice to this country. By protecting yourself, you will protect your family and other Kenyans,” Odinga stated.

The African Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development also lauded the Ministry of Health under CS Mutahi Kagwe for their frontline fight against the pandemic.

“For the first time in our history, we celebrate Madaraka Day away from each other and without the usual physical ceremonies. That’s how Covid-19 has turned our nation upward down. 

I celebrate our dedicated health workers who have dedicated to fighting the battle against Covid-19 from the front and have made the difference in regard to saving lives. I salute the dedicated civil servants especially the Ministry of Health who keep us informed and provide us with accurate information on where they are and what we need to do as a nation. Particularly CS Kagwe for leading the team. You all are our heroes,” Odinga appreciated. 

As at Sunday, May 31, Kenya had recorded 1,962 Coronavirus cases, with 64 fatalities. Mr. Odinga stated that Kenya had made significant steps in the fight against the virus, heaping praise on President Uhuru Kenyatta for steering the country through the crisis.

According to Odinga, Kenya was far much better than many other countries and had proved to the world that she had the resolve to defeat the pandemic.

“There is room for improvement. Every struggle requires sacrifices if we are to win. Freedom fighter underwent torture and arrests to make Madaraka Day possible. If our parents chose the easy way and lamentations, Madaraka Day would not be as it is. We need to embrace the sacrifice our parents.

“Let us reflect on patriotism, sacrifice, personal responsibility, the dignity of our people and respect for our nation in the fight against Coronavirus. These ideals are going to crucial not only for Covid-19 but for reconstruction and rebuilding of our nation,” he proclaimed.

The NASA co-principal affirmed that he had hope and faith in Kenyans to emerge victorious against the virus. 

“We know that most Kenyans have been adversely been affected with loss of jobs locusts invasion and floods, but we know that our with our resilience, we will eventually triumph over this tragedy.

“Under this very unique circumstances I take this opportunity to wish our citizens and friends of Kenya a very happy and rewarding Madaraka Day,” Odinga stated.