Fuel price is set to reduce effective today.
According to the energy regulatory commission, the new price of super petrol will now go down by 63 cents, while that of kerosene by 73 cents, however, diesel prices will remain unchanged.

It is a relief for both motorists and those who rely on kerosene as government announces drop in fuel prices.

A litre of Super Petrol will now cost 106.83 cents in Nairobi, while a litre of Kerosene will retail at 76.72 cents in the capital as Diesel remains at 97.86 cents in Nairobi.

According to ERC Director General Pavel Oimeke, the slight decrease was due to the cost of average landed cost of the Super Petrol and Kerosene in March, and the strengthening of the Kenyan shilling against the US dollar.

However, many still lament that the prices are still high.