The site of the killer quarry

Residents of Mwanzo estate in Eldoret town are urging the county government of Uasin Gishu to come to their rescue by either filling or fencing the Mugoya quarry. The open quarry has claimed the lives of many people as well as cattle.

As one approaches the site of the quarry, the atmosphere is conducive and attractive.
The gentle breeze and serene environment is just deceiving as there is more than meets the eye beyond this point.
Residents say the quarry has snatched a number of their loved ones.

Paul Ingotsi narrowly escaped death by a whisker in 2008 when he attempted to swim in the quarry but a fellow local came to his rescue.

Paul Ingotsi who almost drowned in the now abandoned quarry
Paul Ingotsi who almost drowned in the now abandoned quarry

Samuel Maiyo, born in the same area 63 years ago is the owner of the land on which the quarry sits and he says it came into being as a result of mining of stones used to construct roads and the Moi army barracks.

Maiyo adds that it is not only human beings who have fallen prey to the quarry but also cattle, goats and sheep.

The residents’ cry could soon be answered by Uasin Gishu county Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno. He says the county government is in talks with relevant authorities to ensure the residents’ plight is taken care of.
Chemno noted that the process was only delayed by malicious individuals who have forged documents to claim the site.
Until that is done, the residents can only wait hoping that no more lives will not be lost.