ST11092015-1525371553 / Seah Kwang Peng/ pixvote12/ PM Lee Hsien Loong and the PAP candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC visited six polling stations across their GRC, including Teck Ghee Primary School on the morning of polling day, 11 Sep 2015.

Singapore’s government has tabled a bill to ensure that if a general election were called during the COVID-19 outbreak, it could be held safely.

The city-state began a month-long partial lockdown on Tuesday to try and curb a sharp rise in coronavirus cases and does not have to go to the polls until early 2021.

However, the government, which controls nearly all the seats in parliament, has said it is not ruling out holding the ballot before the deadline.

Some opposition parties have said would be a health risk.

The Elections Department said the temporary arrangements would the “ensure the safety of voters, candidates and election officials, should the next General Election (GE) take place amid the COVID-19 situation.”

Al Jazeera News