It looks like #SouljaBoy has been diving deep into the tech game. Recently he released a #SouljaWatch and now it seems he’s stepping things up a notch with a new gaming console.


Soulja took to twitter to show previews of what the console looks like and how it works. The most interesting part is it’s also pretty reasonably priced. The console itself is $149.99 and the handheld is $99.99. Not for nothing #roommates, but Christmas IS less than 20 days away.


That’s not all Soulja’s out here peddling either! He’s apparently selling souljaheadphones, souljawatches, souljaphones and souljapads.

Clearly this man is not letting 2018 get the best of him, he’s hustling’ to the very end y’all! If you’re wondering where you can get games for his consoles, that’s a great question! Apparently, the games are already built in, similar to a retro ‘plug-n-play’ gaming system.


On top of everything, Soulja seems to already be making some coins off of the consoles, because he took to twitter to thank the people who are purchasing them! Saying: To the first person that purchased my console you just brought tears to my eyes,” he tweeted Tuesday. “Tears of joy!” He’s also claims to have made $250,000 off the product in just 24 hours.