Prophet Penuel Mnguni

A controversial prophet notorious for feeding congregants snakes, human hair and pieces of cloth is back to his old tricks.

Not only has Prophet Penuel Mnguni resurfaced in another province, but he is now feeding followers cockroaches and a “poisonous” flower in a “demonstration of God’s power”.

He also stuck his fingers into bottles of water brought to him by congregants.

On November 3, Mnguni hosted an all-night prayer at his church, The End Times Disciples Ministries. Videos and pictures from the services were later posted on Facebook.

One post reads: “You shall drink poison and it will not harm you.”

As the man of God demonstrated this mystery of the cockroach turning into cheese and spice, Apostle Tompane Eans of Limpopo came forward, saying he also wants to eat.

“The man of God then took a poisonous flower and prayed upon it and gave it to Apostle Tompane to eat. As Apostle Tompane ate (it), he said it tastes like no ordinary food, he enjoyed it to the extent that he asked to eat the whole flower alone and finished it” the post read in part.

Mnguni was kicked out of Soshanguve, north of Pretoria, after he was exposed for feeding people snakes, hair and cloths, among other things.

He has now resurfaced in Kameelrivier near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga and made headlines when he allegedly drove a car over two congregants and neither sustained injuries.

He also “rode” people like horses and claimed to have made a gay man straight.

In a post from October, the church said while ministering, Mnguni fed two congregants, who are brothers, a cockroach. One of them, Charles Tema, is alleged to have said the cockroach tasted like cheese, while his brother allegedly said it tasted like spices.

On Monday, the Star got hold of Tema, who admitted to eating a cockroach. “I ate a cockroach during a demonstration of God’s power from above, and it tasted like Melrose cheese mixed with cucumber. I eat anything I see as food,” he said.

“I eat anything I want to eat, whether grass or flowers (at home). It has never affected me and it will never affect me. When you eat something by faith it will never affect you.”

The pastor also drove a car over his congregants.

After the pastor reversed the car and backed off the congregants, the post claims that the congregants began dancing and praising God along with other congregants who witnessed the ordeal.