Southern Africa has only received normal levels of rainfall in one of the past five growing seasons, which is threatening farmer’s ability to grow crops, Fox News reports. The region has also experienced back-to-back cyclones, which have destroyed crops and harvests.

“We’ve had the worst drought in 15 years in central and western areas during the growing season,” said Margaret Malue, regional director for the World Food Program. The United Nations estimated that 45 million people will be “severely food insecure” over the next six months.

Data shows 11 million people currently face “crisis” or “emergency” levels of food insecurity in nine areas including Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Eswatini and Lesotho.

The droughts are not only taking a toll on the people who occupy these regions, but on the wildlife as well. At least 105 elephants have been reported dead in Zimbabwe’s wildlife reserves over the last two months due to lack of water and vegetation, according to Zimbabwe’s national parks.

Some animals have become so desperate for food and water, they are wandering into nearby communities looking for sustenance.

“The successive mixture of drought and flooding has been catastrophic for many communities. In most of the affected areas there isn’t enough drinking water, which means that people and animals — both livestock and wildlife — are having to use the same water points,” said Kaitano Chungu, Secretary General of the Zambia Red Cross.

The areas impacted by these droughts need your prayers, Roomies. If you would like to donate any food, water or supplies to the Southern African communities, you can donate the disaster relief fund at UNICEF.

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