Gucci may have issued an apology for releasing an offensive sweater, but that apology is not being well received.

The Grand Hustle host T.I. announced his plans to boycott the luxury fashion designer in a passionate Instagram post.

A longtime customer of the brand, T.I. explained, “As a 7 figure/yr customer & long time supporter of your brand I must say…Y’all GOT US ****** UP!!! APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!!! We ain’t going for this.“

Stressing the importance of deserting brands who constantly offend their consumers, he continued, ” \We ALL GOTTA Stop buying,wearing,and supporting this piece of **** company And ALL PIECE OF **** COMPANIES UNTIL THEY LEARN TO RESPECT OUR DOLLARS & VALUE OUR BUSINESS!!!! Our culture RUNS THIS ****!!! We (People of color) spend $1.25 TRILLION/year (but are the least respected and the least included)and if we stop buying ANYTHING they MUST correct any and ALL of our concerns.”

Oscar nominated director Spike Lee also announced his decision to boycott both Gucci and Prada. The luxury fashion house faced backlash after releasing a racist monkey bag charm in December.

Lee wrote, “I,Spike Lee Of Sound Mind And Body Will No Longer Wear Prada Or Gucci Until They Hire Some Black Designers ” To Be In Da Room When It Happens.”

Calling out both brands for being clueless, he added, “It’s Obvious To Da Peoples That They Don’t Have A Clue When It Comes To Racist, Blackface Hateful Imagery. WAKE UP. Ya-Dig? Sho-Nuff. And Dat’s Da “Coonery And Buffoonery” Truth,Ruth.”