An outbreak of maize diseases, has left many farmers in Taita Taveta county counting losses, after unknown worm invaded their crops, three weeks ago. According to Taita Taveta chief officer of agriculture, plans are underway to establish the cause of the new worm.

Farmers in this county, express fears of serious yield decline this season, due to the disease caused by unknown worm, thus putting the country’s food security at risk.

According to them, they are not able to buy pesticides to spray to their crops due to lack of funds but call upon the county government to intervene.

Taita Taveta county chief officer of agriculture says that the unknown worm, will add miseries of high cost of production especially during these maize season.

He said that maize and grass are the most affected crops thus affecting small scale farmers. He however says that since the worms are new in the area, plans are underway to establish the cause.