Since its gazettement, the October 17th date has formed cannon fodder for the political sphere in the country…..

With the key opposition members keen to push forward the date based on what they term as irreducible minimums that ought to be addressed by the commission before a fresh poll is conducted.

But that seemed like a pipe dream until two days ago when the French company that offered technology for the August poll Safran Morpho wrote to the commission detailing how long it would take to configure 45,000kits for the fresh election.

In the letter from Paris-based OT-Morpho to Kenya’s election commission, the company stated the two electronic systems they provided for the vote would have to be reinstalled for the rerun.

“This represents a very significant amount of work, which cannot be secured by October 17,” said the letter dated Sept. 18 and seen by Reuters. A spokesperson for the company confirmed the letter was accurate.

Andrew Limo, a spokesperson for the election board, said he was aware of the letter and said the board met on Monday to discuss it. Earlier in the day, he told Reuters that “changing the date [of the election rerun] is a last resort strategy.”

But according to sources at the commission the IEBC is said to have reached a stalemate on the October 26th date reached upon by Safran Morpho.

This even as the commission is scheduled to meet the top two contenders for the presidential seat on Wednesday for deliberations ahead of the poll.

However in its renewed attacks on the preparations for the repeat election NASA has since dismissed an audit that the firm it had done showing it had found no evidence of hacking.

In its supreme court verdict released its judgement on September 1, means to fresh election has to be held any time on or before October 31st failure to which a constitutional crisis may arise.