The current parliament goes on recess on Thursday this week as legislators now concentrate on their campaigns.

It was perhaps the most controversial sitting in the 11th parliament

Amid confrontations Exchange of words and blows.

The national assembly went ahead to pass the security laws amendment bill even despite a spirited attempt by opposition Mps to stop it.

Speaker Justin Muturi had to be guarded by Mps and orderlies as the committee of the whole house went through the bill

The opposition then went to challenge the decision in court after which the high court declared it illegal even after it was assented by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Then came the presidential state of nation address.

All members had assumed their seats until the president began his address.

Seven MPs and one senator were thrown out of the house for interrupting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech.

Then   came the sugar debate that had proposed amendments to the Agricultural committees report.

The then chair Benjamin Washiali had to be thrown out of the chambers after he lost his temper and accused Speaker Justin Muturi of bias after he rejected the explosive report on the crisis facing the sugar industry in Kenya.

Lastly was the election laws amendment that almost threw the house into disarray.

From the barring of some of the opposition members from accessing the chambers

To intimidation by members of different political divides.

The opposition members were determined not to pass the law that would call for the alternative use of manual backup if technology fails.

However it passed amid quorum hitches.

And even as the parliament adjourns sine die, the question on many mind is has the 11th assembly lived up to its expectations.