The Game is looking out for his young brothers and I don’t think anyone can be mad about it. 

While out in Hollywood on Sunday night,The Game intervened when he saw the police questioning a group of kids who were selling candy. Apparently a nearby business called the police to the area and reported the kids for soliciting, according to TMZ.

It seems like Game didn’t want anything bad to happen to the boys and stopped things from escalating when he took the matter into his own hands. Game gave the kids enough money to cover the candy but let them keep their supply and told them to go home.

Game told TMZ he was “giving jewels to the youth” so they didn’t get hit by the “boys in blue.”

It takes bravery and leadership to step in when you see something wrong, especially when the cops are involved but it seems like Game did what he felt he had to do to keep the boys out of harm’s way.

We applaud this type of action and hope it inspires others to carry that same positive energy.