Tiger Woods has set himself a target of a decade more at the top level as he looks to overhaul the majors record of 18 held by Jack Nicklaus. After years of physical turmoil this may be regarded by some as a bold aspiration yet Woods defied all odds to win a 15th major, at Augusta National, in April. Since that juncture, all bets have been off.

In a break from his preparations at Pebble Beach, where he will attempt to win a fourth US Open starting on Thursday, Woods was asked to what extent Nicklaus’s total features as motivation. The 43-year-old took a deliberately broad approach to answering.

“If I keep progressing how I am physically and how I’m getting better and better, I just need to give myself chances,” he said. “Hypothetically, let’s say I give myself 10 years. That’s 40 major championships. That’s a lot of majors.

“And now the trick is, can I keep myself healthy enough and strong enough and fast enough to endure all that, considering what my body has gone through. That’s where I need help with all my trainers, physios, my workout regimes, and hopefully I can make that happen.”

Woods had earlier played down the sense that winning 18 majors or more features most in his competitive outlook. “What’s important to me is that I’m back playing again,” he said. “This game was taken away from me for a few years. And I miss competing, I miss playing.

“Now I have an opportunity to do that again and also to be able to share it with my kids. They don’t remember me enjoying golf, because all they remember is Daddy on the ground in pain.

“Now, golf brings me so much joy, they’re able to see that. And if it brings a smile to their faces, it brings a smile to my own.”

Source: The Guardian