Driver Sam Kuyo who has been making a fortune from Uber

Meet Sam Kuyo, who in January last year, had a decent job at access Kenya as an ICT professional. A job that was good enough to even buy him his first car.

And when a friend mentioned Uber to him, as a mini side hustle, he reluctantly took it. That one reluctant decision has now changed his whole life.

It was after several days of good returns that Sam decided to quit his job at Access Kenya and focus on being an Uber driver. A hasty decision but one that he will never regret.

In just one year, Sam says he has bought 3 new cars, bringing his fleet to 4 cars, all operating on the Uber network. A smart venture that makes up to 80 thousand shillings on a good day.

And when asked if he would consider going back to his professional career, a resounding big no.

It is a one year’s journey, but one that has not been without hiccups. He was a victim of anti-Uber attacks perpetrated by taxi drivers who were against the application linked drivers network, UBER. Sam, however says he looks back at the attacks in a positive light.

Uber’s expansion in Kenya was greeted by resistance and protests by taxi drivers just like elsewhere in the world. On the 23rd of March this year, an Uber driver was attacked and his car burnt down in Nairobi amid looming protests that rocked the country.

According to Sam, the animosity is fueled by the fact that most of the conventional taxi drivers have obsolete cars that would not match the new car models required for Uber-compliance.

Besides the car model requirement, one also needs to have PSV compliance documents, a driving license and a certificate of good conduct to be enrolled as an Uber driver.

One thing is for sure, the UBER business is booming and behind it, are people making a fortune.