Uganda and Rwanda agree to end months of tensions after mediation.

The Rwandan and Ugandan presidents signed an agreement to end the stand-off between their respective countries on Wednesday in Luanda, Angola.

According to Angolan President Joao Lourenço, this agreement illustrates the willingness of the two heads of state “to overcome this conflict”.

“The credit for this achievement is yours and yours alone because you have understood and been touched by the feeling that the benefits of this great step forward are benefiting the people and economies of the countries you lead,” said João Lourenço, Angolan President.

In the final communiqué made public after the signing of the agreement, President Kagame and Museveni pledged to “respect their mutual sovereignty and that of their countries”.

“I myself am grateful that President Lourenço has joined us, as has President Tshisekedi. I had already been in contact with President Kagame on our own, but it was like a reinforcement,” Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda.

“In general, we discussed many issues as we understood them, hence the communiqué, the memorandum of understanding we reached today,” said Paul Kagame, Rwandan President .

The tensions that led to the closure of the Rwandan-Ugandan border in February threatened to provoke conflict and the integration of the region’s economies and its stability.

The two neighbours accused each other of espionage, political assassination and interference.