President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed that all government officials who participated in the approval of buildings on riparian land be arrested and prosecuted.

President Kenyatta yesterday said the government will punish officials who made approvals for the property, assuring the country that the war on corruption was on course. Some of the officials targeted include those in county governments, the Lands ministry, and National Environment Management Authority.

Speaking during the opening of a 34-storey Prism Towers in Upper Hill, Nairobi, Mr Kenyatta said the government’s aim is to create an environment that enables investors and individuals to conduct business in a straight forward manner.

“We are not going to only punish those who built, many of them claim hat they were given permits by government officials. I want to assure you that we are going after all those who issued those permits. They will be prosecuted,” said Mr Kenyatta. “Be it county, Lands or Nema officials, if they participated in granting illegal permits they will be prosecuted because they are equally at fault,” said the President.

He said the county government of Nairobi, government departments and agencies must clean up their mess.

Source Business Daily