After the postponement of the swearing in of Raila Odinga as peoples president the nasa leaders yesterday revealed that plans were still underway to swear in the former premier this even as they advanced the secession agenda that has been swept under the carpet for a while.

It would have been a case of déjà vu if the NASA principal Raila Odinga heed to his word on his purported swearing in as people president.

But after the postponement a pseudo feeling of silence has been witnessed among the NASA principals until yesterday during a consultative forum at the Coast in preparation for the inaugural session of the people assembly.

The Coast region particularly significant following the earlier plans that were made to swear in the NASA premier.

However details of the meeting still remained scanty. The NASA principals still remained surcharged of their quest for electoral justice and Odinga not backtracking on their earlier mission.

The secessionist narrative also coming up in the agenda. A Narrative that still had a bill on it proposed by Homabay Mp Peter Kaluma who intended to table a motion on the exclusion of 40 counties from the national outlook.

This he says was due to the marginalization and unfair share of resources that has been perpetrated in certain counties.

With the NASA co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka expected to jet to the country tomorrow after months of being away nursing his ailing wife. Talks on the coalitions next move would gather momentum this even as the parties cracks continue to be witnessed particularly on the parliamentary positions.

For now many it might turn out that the elusive journey to Canaan had mutated, to the resistance movement and Peoples Assembly agenda while the dialogue discourse was also not too far away.