Saruni Maina founder of Taka Smart Initiative

Turning trash into cash is one of the business ventures that has been shunned by many despite the magic it does to those who decide to take the bold risk. Many young people argue that proceeds from garbage money are not forthcoming. However, the skepticism expressed by the few has not impeded the young people who embrace self-employment. As such is a group of students from Africa Nazarene University who saw the opportunity inside the garbage and are making good money.
The initiative dubbed ‘TAKA SMART’ encourages people to collect plastic wastes and take them to their agent,who in turn gives them airtime.
Saruni Maina, the founder of the project says students are currently operating from their school and their 40 days into the business has been nothing short of excitement.
Maina says that in the beginning he was hesitant to implement his idea for fear of it being ‘stolen’. The project has four members.They say that the more one brings the bottles the more he or she increases his or her points.
For free registration, one can sms his/her or name to 20414

Simon Waweru who is a subordinate staff here at Africa Nazarene university,takes his collected bottles to the institution’s canteen which is currently their agent. He does this frequently. Thereafter he registers the number of bottles,then he receives a text message alerting him the number of points he has garnered. Later on, Taka Smart members come and pick the bottles,which they take to their store.When they collect quite a number,they sell to recycling companies.

The four founders say that currently they are working with plastic bottles,but they hope to also start giving airtime for organic wastes.
The idea has won them awards and recognition locally and internationally.They have travelled to Congo and South Africa to share their idea in various expos.