The dialogue discourse between President Kenyatta and his political nemesis Raila Odinga is one that is on everyone’s lips, and the two factions seem to have taken a softer stand and are willing to push forth the dialogue agenda. However not without a set of conditions being proposed by the NASA coalition.


As the clock continues to tick on the planned swearing in of Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka, as people’s president and vice president respectively.


The Odinga led team now says it is open to dialogue.
However the NASA coalition maintains that elections conducted on the 26th October were illegitimate and want talks centered on electoral reforms.

Earlier today, US Ambassador Bob Godec met with the parliament leadership of the Jubilee party and the discussions revolved around the dialogue discourse, a familiar script that was perpetuated earlier this week when the US ambassador met the parliamentary house leadership all in a bid to strike a truce.


In hindsight however, NASA supporters are getting wary and this actions have become too familiar.


Some even going to the extent of saying they were ready to pay the price of his ultimate swearing in.

But isn’t that a high end risk they would be putting the two principals?

Meanwhile president uhuru Kenyatta in his first trip outside the country since he was inaugurated has met South African president Jacob Zuma and reports reveal that the president has hinted on a possibility of having a sit down with his political nemesis all in a bid to end the political impasse.


This coming at a time when NASA chiefs are expected to meet on Monday to put their house in order ahead of controversial oath taking ceremony