NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 20: Desus Nice (L) and The Kid Mero attend the FYC Event for VICELAND's DESUS & MERO at Saban Media Center on April 20, 2018 in North Hollywood, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for VICELAND)

Can we say salty? It seems like the top people over at #Viceland are taking shots at #DesusAndMero’s new venture.

The #Bronx’s own Desus Nice and The Kid Mero were the stars of their own nightly show on Viceland before they snagged a bigger opportunity at #Showtime. For those not familiar with the comedy duo, they were featured on #Complex and #MTV before gaining notoriety with their popular podcast #TheBodegaBoys.

Well, apparently VICE’s CEO #NancyDubuc still feels a way about their top talents leaving because in a recent interview with #Elle, she said, “They’re going to a platform that their audience doesn’t pay for. You can always come back.”

It’s safe to say Dubuc doesn’t have much faith in Desus and Mero having Showtime success but The Bodega Boys have a loyal fan base that grew even more following their stint at VICE.

And VICE has been salty as Desus revealed in an interview with Bossip that they had two months left at Viceland according to their contract but the network cut them short because they were upset about their Showtime deal.

“We could still be doing the show, and it bothers me because now people are tagging us like ‘do this, do this, what would your reactions be for this?’  and I’m like, ‘yo wow, what would my reaction be?’”, Desus said in the interview.

Desus dropped some more tea in the interview about what was really happening at Viceland.

Viceland wanted 160 episodes a year,” he said. “We have no writers, it’s literally me and Mero talking to one another every day. If you want us to do this for 160 episodes, pay us 160 million dollars—otherwise we would have killed each other.”

“We were carrying that network on our back, and we felt the weight,” he continued. “They were talking about, ‘do not take the weeks off because we don’t get ratings,’ and it’s like, yo, we’re just two people”

Desus and Mero’s new show on Showtime premieres February 21, 2019.