40 year old Stephen Sirengo urged people living with disabilities to seize all arising opportunities

Many a time people living with disabilities face various challenges in life. They normally need to meet even the most basic needs which forces them to depend on family members and well wisher. But for 40 year old Stephen Sirengo who is visually impaired from Matisi village in Bungoma county, the case is different. Stephen has the ability to repair machines on his own.

He lost his eye sight when he was three years old. Despite not being able to see, Sirengo is independent. He repairs maize milling machines. A job he has been doing for sometime now.

He used to wait for even two weeks for someone to come all the way from Eldoret to repair the machine, something that gave him the interest to learn how the repairs are done.

Sirengo is urging people living with disability to never give up and always seize opportunities that come their way.