Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has defended Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho in a continuing cold war with Governor Anne Waiguru.

In a report on Sunday, May 31, Ndambiri noted that leaders in Kirinyaga, seemingly referring to his boss, needed to desist from “disrespecting” Kibicho and instead support him in implementing the National Government’s development projects.

“I saw a few young men trying to lecture a full PS that he should resign, resigning for what?…for what the president has sent him to come and do?

“I am calling upon the elders in Kirinyaga to give caution to these young men who are being misled and tell them that leaders ought to be respected,” noted Ndambiri.

The Deputy Governor noted that, as a leader, he would not stand and watch as people talked ill of the PS.

In a statement on Friday, May 29, Waiguru accused the PS of meddling in a project which was initiated after asking President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene.   

Waiguru was not pleased that PS Kibicho was taking credit for the stadium renovation project after Kibicho toured the project on Friday and blamed the Office of the Governor for delays.  

Ndambiri who has had well-documented differences with Waiguru urged Kirinyaga leaders to remain united and stop messages of hate.

“I’m calling upon all leaders to stand united including the Members of County Assembly the Senate, the Members of Parliament, we should stand in unity. This language of hate and sideshows should cease forthwith,” urged Ndambiri.

The relationship between Kibicho and Waiguru has been rocky, with beliefs that PS Kibicho may be eyeing Waiguru’s job in 2022, a matter that he has refuted.

“Is PS Kibicho now superior to the President? If he wants to engage in village politics and insults, he should resign and join others in early campaigning,” she dared him in March 2020. 

The Governor once argued that the MCAs were opposing bills tabled by her government to sabotage her, which hindered development in the county.