A number of Kenyans on Monday, June 1, relayed their expectations ahead of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s address during the Madaraka celebrations at State House.

This is after sought to find out what most were anticipating by asking the question ‘What do you expect from President Uhuru this Madaraka Day?’ on our social media platforms.

While some expressed hope that the President would bring changes, others were disappointed by the government.

Some Kenyans were anxious to know if the president would lift the dusk to dawn curfew, the cessation of movement and the lockdowns in certain estates.

This is after he signalled the reopening of the economy during his public address on Saturday, May 23.

Uhuru had acknowledged that the virus was here to stay and that life would soon be back to normal. He had disclosed that he would emulate other nations which had eased lockdown.

Others, however, were of the opinion that the president would add more stringent measures in the fight against coronavirus following the surge of the number of cases in recent weeks.

 “Remove all restrictions movements,” Samuel Kunyiha stated.

“Same story, ‘don’t take coronavirus to your grandmother’,” another weighed in.

“Fellow Kenyans, today we de-escalate some measures put in place to combat Covid-19 having realised that the disease is here with us,” Mburugu Maxwell intimated.

On the other hand, other Kenyans expected the Head of State to outline the progress that had been achieved since the 8-plan economic stimulus package was rolled out.

A section of Kenyans also noted that the president would address political issues in the country including the Building Bridges Initiative and the wrangles witnessed in the Jubilee party.

However, most Kenyans were of the view that nothing significant would be addressed.

“Nothing new but just the usual rosy speeches!” Humphrey Kagwe stated. 

“The spirit of Madaraka is long gone. They are carrying the whole cow while the poor Kenyans have been left to nibble on the hooves. The spirit of Madaraka isn’t merely about self-rule. Economic independence is also Paramount,” Daniel Muema expressed.

“Nothing to celebrate about. Not yet uhuru,” another stated.