As the Judiciary continues to hear and determine more than 250 petitions presented in a various courts across the country, a Narok court has been found under tight spotlight in hearing and determining a case claimed to have been marred with sorcery and witchcraft.

A self-proclaimed witch doctor Robert Mwema Mwongela a petitioner together with former Jubilee aspirant Wilson Letulal Ole Masikonde now wants the court to annul the win of Olposimoru Member of County Assembly (MCA) Wilfred Kikaet Kuyo after failing to pay him an agreed amount after he made him win the seat on the 8th of August elections through sorcery acts.

According to Mwongela, the respondent was to pay him a total cost of Ksh. 500,000 but Kuyo failed to do so upon winning the seat where he only remitted ksh. 20,000.

Mwongela who was witnessing before Deputy Registrar of the High Court Tito Gesora said on August 2, 2018, he visited the home of the MCA where he performed the sorcery act from 3pm to 3am.

On that night, he slaughtered a black Columbus monkey in the homestead of his client and made him to lie naked in his compound.

The witch later made a belt using the monkey skin and tied it on the waist of Kikaet and another skin on the right hand which he was to put on until August 9th, a day after the election.

The petitioner says the respondent has failed to comply fully with the agreement. He says he travelled to Narok at a later date to demand for his full pay but was only given Sh. 3, 000 as his bus fare to go back to Kitui.

The sorcerer, who brought video clips in court as evidence of his doings amazed everybody when he admitted to have performed such acts to a number of seating Governors, senators and Members of Parliament.

Earlier long, Kikaet told the court today that the elections were free and fair and no one was influenced either through witchcraft, bribery or any other form of manipulation to vote for him.

In his affidavit, the respondent an ODM MCA defended himself saying the case presented by his competitor of the Jubilee aspirant Wilson Letulal Ole Masikonde who lost, was not brought to court in good faith

The hearing will continue tomorrow on November 14 where more witness will be expected to testify to the court.


Politicians hell-bent on victory are paying witch doctors huge sums, maybe even their souls, to capture voters’ hearts, repel adversaries’ magic, vanquish rivals and grasp power.