The suspect Monica Kalondu while she appeared before Kibera Law Courts

Cases of spouses plotting to kill each other have picked momentum in Kenya. A woman in Nairobi was arrested alongside her male accomplice for allegedly planning to kill her estranged husband.Monica Kalondu and Pappies Karinga were guests of Kibera Law Courts on Monday facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder.
The two who have been in remand for about a week, are alleged to have hired men who pretended to be hitmen to kill one Eric Njiiri who is a businessman.
It is said that the hitmen were given a deposit of 300,000 and were to be given 500,000 after committing the murder.

Businessman Eric Njiiri, Monica Kalondu's ex husband who was meant to be the hit men's target
Businessman Eric Njiiri, Monica Kalondu’s ex husband who was meant to be the hit men’s target

The supposed hitmen revealed the plot to Eric, who later on together with the police, managed to arrest the suspects, Monica and Pappies.
It is said that the duo planned to slay Njiiri at Tamasha restaurant in Karen but the ploy failed after they were made to believe that that their target had been killed.
Surprisingly, Monica and Eric were married for 15 years before they divorced. Together they have two sons.

The suspects’ lawyers pleaded with the court to release them on bail as the case takes course.

Luckily, their prayers to the court were granted after the judge released them on a cash bail of 500,000 shillings each after staying in remand for about a week.

If the court proves that indeed the two conspired to kill Eric Njiiri, they risk facing a jail term of even up to 10 years.
The case will be mentioned on 13th of July 2016.