Residents of Kigumo area of Murang’a County are coming into terms with the dumping of a newborn baby in a pit latrine by a woman citing the harsh economic times during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a report on Saturday, May 31, the woman is said to have suffered postpartum depression after delivering her baby girl.

A resident revealed that the woman tried to conceal her actions but further probing by women who had come to visit her after giving birth led to a chilling confession.

“When women came to congratulate her for her delivery wanting to see the baby, she said she did not deliver,” explained a resident.

On further questioning by the women who came to visit, the mother confessed to having thrown the baby in a pit latrine in a nearby school.

After tireless efforts to rescue the baby, she was finally pulled out shortly after 1 a.m. by emergency responders from the Murang’a County Fire Department who also administered first aid.

“The health of the child was diminishing and the very first thing they did was to make sure they supplied the child with oxygen while still at the pit latrine.

“Such kind of cases should not be punished through jail, she needs psychosocial support,” urged one emergency responder.

A resident called on people from the area to talk about their issues so as to get support whenever they are faced with hardships.

“I would urge parents, if there are challenges that are facing them, we should talk about it and look for a solution without putting the lives of children at risk,” advised the man.

Ministry of Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr Rashid Aman spoke on the issue of mental health in the briefing on Saturday, May 30. 

“These are setbacks in our projected economic growth, challenging as these times may be, we are nonetheless confident that we shall overcome,” noted Aman.

Since the pandemic hit the country on Friday, March 13, there has been an increase in the number of cases of mothers abandoning their children.