In this current times, jobs do not recognize whether one is a woman or man. And as they say, what a man can do, a woman can do too.

Bungoma county being located in the West of Kenya and harbors about 1.3 million people who mostly indulge in farming.

And in this county, we meet Eunice Amwayi, the only female who understands the phone technology.

Eunice shocks many about her choice of career, and the fact that she is extremely good at what she does, automatically lures customers to her.

This phone mechanic who is 33 years of age, has been repairing phones for 10 years, this after acquiring skills from different phone mechanics.

Regardless, this particular job has quite a number of challenges.

For the longest time technology has been characterized for men, however, women are now taking over due to the interest they have shown towards the industry.

Most companies dealing with technology are now headed by women.

Currently, the competition is high when it comes to the technological industry for, many performers are women.