Eunice Amwayi

As the sun rises in Bungoma town, it signals yet another day in the life of a female self-taught electronics repairer.

She is a lady with unique skills. Skills that have conventionally been associated with men.

Eunice Amwayi decided to take the challenge of doing the otherwise male reserved job in order provide for her parents and seven siblings.

She may not be married at the age of 30, but her ability to beat the odds makes her admirable to many in Bungoma.

She is the only lady who repairs mobile phones and other electronic gadget at her shop in Bungoma town.

She says, she has been doing this job for over 10 years, a skill that she says, she acquired from an electrician in the area.

Given that she has plunged into a male dorminated field, her job is not a bed of roses.

She says the main challenge she faces as a lady is lack of confidence from her clients.

After a hard days job, she passes by this gym for some exercise before heading home.

Although her job is not manually tasking, it helps to be physically fit when competing against the more muscular gender.

She encourages other women to stand out and use every opportunity to making a living.

And when the sun goes down, she is contented that her day is well spent; earning from doing what she loves.